Columbus Arts Council, Inc. and Columbus Art Gallery Exhibit Guidelines

  1. DELIVERY AND REMOVAL: The artist/exhibitor shall deliver the show before the
    starting date. All 2-D work should have wire attached securely for hanging and no saw
    tooth hangers. The artist may choose to hang their own work or have the staff of the
    Columbus Art Gallery hang it. Work should be removed from the gallery at the end of
    the show. The artist may provide labels, or the gallery will provide labels, as agreed by
    the two parties.
  2. INSURANCE AND INDEMNIFICATION: The artist/exhibitor shall be responsible for
    all insurance upon works exhibited within the Gallery and agrees to indemnify and hold
    harmless, the Columbus Public Library, the Columbus Arts Council, and the Gallery staff
    from any and all claims or liability including attorney fees, arising from or relating to
    exhibition of their art work.
  3. PROMOTION AND SALES: The Exhibit Committee shall have the right to photograph
    all exhibits at its own discretion for maintaining a Gallery record and for promotional
    purposes. The Gallery will publicize the exhibit at its expense. The Art Gallery will
    furnish refreshments and publicity for an artist reception, date to be agreed upon between
    the Gallery and the artist(s). A 35% commission shall be retained by the Gallery from
    any sales of art.
  4.  CANCELLATION: Sixty days written notice is required for cancellation of the exhibit.
  5. SUBJECT MATTER: Artwork selected for exhibit should be appropriate for a general
    audience and should not contain extremely graphic images, strong religious content or
    offensive nudity. The exhibit committee of the Columbus Art Gallery retains
    authorization to remove pieces deemed offense to our gallery clientele.
  6. ARTISTS STATEMENT AND BIOGRAPHY: The artist shall provide a brief biography
    and statement about their work to the gallery for use in advertising and display at the

The Columbus Art Gallery will have representatives on duty during hours when the exhibit is
open to the public. Gallery hours are M-F from 1-5 p.m. or by special arrangement.


Here is the general contact for all artist. Contract for Exhibiting Artists