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National Artist Featured, Visiting Columbus Saturday

COLUMBUS – A Nebraska native and nationally popular artists will be visiting Columbus this weekend, with his art on display at the Columbus Arts Council.

Columbus Arts Council Executive Director Rod Magg says, Ryan Crotty’s work will be displayed as a part of the “It Can Feel Overwhelming at Times” show in the basement of the Columbus Library.

“Ryan actually named the exhibit that, and he’s got some really good reasons why, with today’s world things that are going on, politically and everything.  Seems like we’re kind of bombarded by the media 24/7. Most of the time it’s our choice, but his pictures, or his illustrations and paintings, they actually represent kind of a soothing, calming effect,” says Magg.

Magg says although at first glance the pictures may just look like random colors, they reveal much more the longer you examine them.

“You can actually see the three dimensional effect when you look into it. You know, some paintings  you might just see an amazing color, vibrant color coming out at you. The longer you look at them, the more you see into the paintings,” says Magg.

The public can meet Crotty for themselves between 1 and 3 p.m. on Saturday, and refreshments will be available for all who chose to attend.

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