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Ryan Crotty’s ” It Can Feel Overwhelming At Times”

untitled. Acrylic, gloss gel and modeling paste on canvas. 24”x18” inches. 2016.

All Down My Front. Acrylic, gloss gel and modeling paste on canvas. 24”x18” inches. 2016.

Ryan Crotty’s art exhibition titled, “It Can Feel Overwhelming At Times” holds dual meanings. With political and social change a the forefront of our collective minds, we find ourselves to be a nation divided. Access to social media and 24/7 coverage of current events ensures that our society is bombarded and exhausted by a barrage of news and information. With the constant noise of our connected lived ringing in our ears, we must take it upon ourselves to find calm and peace.

Crotty’s exhibition of paintings provides an avenue to the serenity that we need in these tumultuous times. The paradox is that it requires the gallery visitor look past the initial retinal assault of to be overwhelming at first glance, nut spend some time with them and you’ll find that they invite a meditative calm.

Primary colors blend together to create secondary and tertiary minimalist color field paintings. The stark and reductive surface have a tendency yo be reflective and belie a complex and non-traditional painting process. These works are undeniably unique and basking in their glow in Crotty’s solo exhibition is a rare opportunity not to be missed.

Ryan earned his BFA in painting from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln and his MFA in painting from Syracuse University. He has exhibited work in Nebraska, as well as New York, Chicago and Berlin.

Ryan Crotty’s work will be featured in the Columbus Art Gallery from May 29th thru July 7th 2017.

Gallery hours are from 1 to 5pm Monday thru Friday.

The open reception on Saturday, June 3rd from 1-3pm.


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