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Why then pestered Chen Sheng Zhao Mo, when most of the Faculty of Law who are holding the mentality of view to watch the chase. Why no one believes Chen will take this girl, after all, he rejected the conditions better person. So then why Chen took on the self-study class Sheng Zhao Mo, I do not know how many people were scared, afraid of which there are a lot of girls secretly regret not positive how little. Later Zhao cheap jerseys online wholesale Mo Sheng to the United States, why Chen restore single degree of enthusiasm than some freshmen year Zhao Mo Sheng worse, but there are always ways why Chen was sent off in two or three days. Once Su Min could not help saying: "You hate someone you had wrapped Zhao Mo Sheng you how not to hate??" Su Min outburst regret it, too reckless, so quickly Dagehaha with the past, simply did not think Chen will answer why. "That's different." Then why Chen's say a handful of words, very dull tone. So Man can not think of where different, perhaps - he wrapped his chance Sheng Zhao Mo, do not give others the opportunity. Listen to her words tell the Lao Yuan rare serious: "The kind of thing, like people drinking, Lengnuanzizhi, you care so much." Yuehua Jian Chen and Mo Sheng has to come to still Bengzhuo Jun Yan Chen, Sheng Mo probably be scolded miserable, greeted the crowd with a lot of voice is also low. Mo Sheng was a frequent visitor to the department office, nature awareness Su Min, saw her smile for a moment: "senior sister apprentice, hello." Su Min reluctantly "ah" sound, just what to say, he was interrupted by loud cries cheap jerseys online usa of surprise. "Mrs In!" Loud and passionate voices so that would cheap jerseys online store slightly noisy hall suddenly quiet, non-standard English people amusement, however, is anticipated crowd of middle-aged rich man has no conscious state, his face went across the hall stood, surprise the silent Sheng front. "Mrs In, to be his wife." Middle-aged man has a little incoherent with excitement, "I did not expect to see here you are, this should be returned to you and Mr. together? I'ma big business and the company's chairman Xiang Lin, you remember do not remember, Oh Oh, last year in the U.S. Thanks to you and Mr. should entertain, this time you have Xiankang Li returned home, how will let me do the honors. " Sheng has stunned silent, hands and feet a cold. Front of the middle-aged fat man she has the impression that he and the company should have business contacts Hui on last year, when he came to the United States, should Fai had hosted a dinner at the home he and his wife had. But why come here? The worst time, the worst case. Mo Lao Yuan Sheng, who suspect that they feel astonished eyes rest on her, she had not the courage to look to the Sum of expression. Just have a little bit of the feeling of happiness together, then faint immediately to dissipate yet ...... Feeling a little scared spread to every corner of the body. But the next moment, there is a warm strong hand holding her hands trembled. This hand, but also with anger just pulled her across the street. But now with a reassuring strength, clasped her. Mo Sheng slowly turn first to Sum looking cheap jerseys online at her, eyes a painful calm. He ...... have guessed it?