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Mo Sheng looked around: "I do not know." After the speech she go mess with the flow, do not know where we are. "Lost? Wonder ......" to sound fed from Chen, "Well, you go directly to schools across the North Gate Riverside Hotel, I wait for you at your doorstep." Riverside Hotel. Laoyuan custom table for someone I do not know how to be accounted for, lobby manager kept apologizing, said he would as soon as possible, a pedestrian did not mind how, sitting in the lobby while waiting inside to chat. In addition to Su Min, Lao Yuan also called on several previous play Jiaoshu friends. Out of the community than at school, can get together few times, and now finally caught the opportunity to talk to a fun. Su Min just take the opportunity to introduce give female teacher called Chen, although the actor a little distracted, but saw a female teacher with a timid shy when glanced why Chen cheap jerseys online paypal did not like, Su Min was secretly proud that this thing is at least half a a. Are chatting, sitting in front of the windows to the constant suddenly stood up, his eyes looking straight out the window. Chen sat opposite him in, subconsciously back, just to see a big truck narrowly grazed Mo Sheng, Sheng reluctantly stood silent and look after the shock of pale. Near misses, the constant lingering fear still lingers: "How Chen, you are the wife really scary, just look at her down from the clouds to cross the road, the red cheap jerseys online soccer light did not notice ......" If not finished, Chen has stood up to the cold face and walked out. Su Min distant standing on the roadside to see the woman's face, the eyes are straight, and then hear words, Lao Yuan turned around and asked: "What do you mean wife??" Laoyuan Hey smile: "My wife is a wife, not a girlfriend." Young female teacher looked puzzled Su Min, probably meaning that how people are married you told me about? Su Min swallow, Laoyuan a harsh glare. Distance to Chen Sheng Zhao Mo's hand pulling ahead, cross the road immediately release a stand bed side does not know what to say, watching his momentum, and Zhao Mo Sheng Yue Yue hanging head down, probably in training people. "I really miss." Lens to the eye under constant smile together. I have cheap jerseys online shop not seen such a scene it. In college, when cheap jerseys online legit Chen precocious, doing things mellow, rarely what people angry, but only for Zhao Mo Sheng, a training often does something wrong waited a long time. "She actually was." Su Min shook his head, not knowing for the Young happy or not worth, "then we have so many talented law school beauty, like him I do not know how much, but why he was looking for a different department, I say you can also find another line to get hold of Jihua ah, what was worthy of the identity of genius is not the number one law school? still happens every respect nothing special. "