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Two days later, sister back, home and quiet. Hidee "face" does not cheap nike nfl jerseys china come, the day the youngest teams have met, no time to come. In the evening, sister brought a colleague to ask the teacher Tian Jing Qiu, and asked the man in front of the opening Maoku how weaving. Jingqiu know how that open weave, but Tian Jing Qiu asked the teacher not only how to weave a port, the port also asked her how much it is convenient to weave her husband to relieve themselves. Anny is to learn from others that open weave, weave the time, never go to reflect on that opening is doing. Now Tian teacher said, "relieve themselves," her trouble a big red and hurriedly said. "Just this point I can help you weave it" Having Kuaishoukuaijiao help weave together. Tian teacher while waiting for her to weave the cheap nfl jerseys china hole, while chatting with sister "Chu Hui, autumn girl is so talented, people and pretty, no wonder you carefully put on her mother so she said to give you the middle child - autumn. girl, married to her second child on it, you married here, and we knit it convenient, ready to ask you - " Sister said "You Freeze said, people face autumn girl tender." Sister tempted to say, "Autumn girl in town, eating grain, and where people think much Shangougou autumn girl like this, definitely going to marry? a city man, you is not? autumn girl? " Jingqiu blushed, but said "I still small - simply thought these things -" Tian teacher said? "Marry city people that I have an idea, find an exploration team, there are city people to them when autumn girl married man in town, we have someone to knit, best of both worlds. . "Tian teacher then said," I think that's pretty good Chen will play the accordion, with autumn girl pretty good fit Chu Hui, Chen Lao little run to your home, it must be in the girl's idea to play the autumn - " Oh sister laugh. "Quite cheap nfl jerseys from china sharp it before your eyes because I told him what had Hidee, he does not hide from my house to a good ground can now run almost every day come.." Jingqiu hear the atmosphere is not the one and only hope they are joking. Tian teacher said "That's your mother was not anxious to death such a good girl, was supposed to say to his son, they might was an outsider killed?." Sister smiled and said. "No, autumn girl would definitely be our family home with his fiancee's family Chen" Jingqiu just felt a loud hum mind, thought he fainted, I did not realize not only did not faint, but like flew through the air, afraid of going to the movie the same way looking at his high station, and rejoiced to think "quiet autumn, you all day saying, 'To treat optimistic everything', and now the time has come to test you. " Two people with Tian sister Jijigugu speaking teacher, sometimes laughing while, Anny also timely followed them laugh. But her mind only one sentence "Chen at home with his fiancee." She flew on the side of knitting a knitted wool trouser, while listening to the teacher talk cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Wada sister, the end result is that the opening of knit pants do not know how long, and they say, but one did not understand. The teacher has to remember to go back to the field, it took Maoku view, find that hole to weave a foot long. Tian teacher can not help laughing "Oh, that my husband relieve themselves convenient, with pants almost -" Jingqiu terribly embarrassed, to be removed immediately re-weave. Sister of Tian teacher said "I do not torn down, you go back with a needle and thread to sew on the extra hole on the line -" Tian teacher said "That is, so long weave, demolished pity."