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Sister said "Then I heard something in your home, I think we should mention something to you Zhigang, also should tell you about my own experience, maybe good for you." Sister sighed "In fact, I saw you, as the year saw myself, I used to be the city accounts, but after my parents was labeled a rightist, they lost the cheap nfl jerseys paypal public, became unemployed, by doing odd jobs for a living. Later, the city engaged clean-up, the unemployed have rushed to the countryside, we just went to the poor a ravine. " "So you have -? Such a rough experience," Anny said sympathetically, "I come to feel that you - not like the people here, not even your name related to different people here." "Now is not here to become a person? After you have under the rural areas, not knowing that Laoshan gone. Actually here by the county, the city is also not far away from the K, a relatively affluent area you live here a few months, you certainly saw it, my mother a nice treat if you marry a Zhigang, his family is certainly for you as a fairy with. " Jingqiu wander elsewhere to try to put words "You - from the city to the countryside, we must also - hold music very -" "This is life, but the lives of people strong." Sister sighed and said, "But I am pretty lucky, and marry Zhihong, his father was the size of government, get him out to eat grain, and also to get me the school teacher. although I am not eating grain, but to teach the fields of labor better than you in the West Village was flat, as long as his father was still Zhigang bit, make sure you go to a school teacher. " Jingqiu never thought through married to change their destiny, she knew she was under the rural life, and do not come back down on the move, but she also thought by married change this, like she knew she family was poor, but also wanted to change the face of the poor, but she was never married to change by, she would rather rob a bank. For her, everything is they can not grasp, education, find a job, join the league, and so on, are not they say goes. Only their feelings, you can own hands, which is the only thing she could freely dispose of things, so she must do mine own will cheap nfl jerseys wholesale to dominate their feelings. Thanksgiving because she can take their reward others, you can go to save a person because of sympathy, but she will never replace it with their own money or emotional cheap nfl jerseys for sale status. Sister, said "I know you will not follow Zhigang together, because you like the youngest honest, the youngest person pretty good -." ? "Who said I liked the youngest of the" quiet autumn immediately youngest tear from his cheap nfl jerseys usa body, "you tell him to mention something Hidee? - In the end is what happened." "Oh, the previous youngest team first entered the village they came, shed not repair it, we live in each household, the youngest just live in our house. Hidee love to sing, the youngest will be playing the violin, Hidee always let the youngest to his accompaniment, one to two to go, just like him, but she was embarrassed to say, until the youngest moved to the shed to the other side, she called me to go over a word I with the youngest mention, but he said he had fiancee at home - " "That he is not - excuses it?" "No, he gave me a photo with his fiancee. People that really makes pretty, in the end are the children of cadres, two people are really good fit." Sister said, went to the front desk, "that the photo on the pressure In this piece of glass, and I'll show you. " Sister looking for a while, surprised and said "??? Hey, can not find it, where to go Could Hidee close up close up or SILVER" Jingqiu immediately thought was the youngest hid himself, lest she saw that the more that he is a liar. Sneaky, sneaky, shameful! Sister said do not, "he hit after that how my family came to his aunt or good, things did not become, in favor, with what is good, or told him to come over to eat later on Hidee own. elephants, all right. " "Have you seen him - his fiancee do?" "No, the girl's family provincial town, Davis and senior officials, which will come into this ravine." Jingqiu embarrassed to ask anything, do not know what to say, just sitting there staring.