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She was afraid she was angry that she had a feeling of pride, as if she could manipulate his emotions the same. He is a cadre children, was so smart and capable, who also looked "petty bourgeoisie", but he was so honest in front of her, timid as a mouse, lest she be angry, let her have a smug feeling, consciously or conscious, just a bit like playing with him, watching him hit home, well confirmed her ability to dominate him. She knew it well, very vain, so try to avoid doing so. She wool wrap back to him "I do not want your wool, if you let my mother see, how do I explain that I stole??" Samsam as he stood there, holding his hand wool packs, and whispered "? I did not - expect you to lead your mother that one and - and you say that they are not buying your own." ? "I have not a penny, how much wool will look to buy back" a little challenging to put her own economic predicament, said a moment, it looked as if to say My family is so poor, how is it? You despise? Despise leave as early as possible. He stood there, his face is an expression of pain, murmured "I ​​did not think - I did not think -" She felt like he was sorry taken the bait, then mockingly said, "I did not expect it? Did not think you really have a lot of things, do not blame your keen eye, but do not worry, I mean what they say, the sugar money pen money I you will also, and I went out to do odd jobs summer, if not rest one day a month, a month earn thirty-six dollars, I put your money in a month to pay off. " He blankly and asked "do - what to do odd jobs?" "Doing odd jobs do not understand? Do unskilled laborer on construction sites is ah, drag coal on the pier ah, ah paint factory in aids in corrugated carton factory paste ah, anyway, what to do, or how it is called odd jobs? "she was a little bragging to say that" not everyone find odd jobs to do, I find work, because the parents of a student neighborhood my mother is director of special tube that's - " Her son told him about the director of the neighborhood joke, because the son is her classmate, looks a little thin, his classmates gave him a muddy called "younger brother's wife," as well as boys in the class called "Tin girl, "another guy called" Du sister-in-law, "the female name anyway, a few boys light up the whole account. She talked about the funny place, laughing, to uphold laughed. Laughed a break, only to find that he did not laugh, stare straight at her. She quickly explained "You do not think I am the person bored, I did not give their names from these muddy, so I never had them in the class is called, I just tell you to listen to cheap nfl jerseys supply" He was a little hoarse, said "In the corrugated carton factory gooey can, but you do not to do unskilled laborer on construction sites, not to go to the pier - drag coal, it is very dangerous to you a girl, effort is not enough. they might be injured, and was the car pressed how to do? " It turned out he just did not listen to her jokes, but also doing odd jobs at the roundabout thing, she tried to comfort him "You did not do odd jobs, so very terrible to imagine doing odd jobs, but in fact -" "I did not do odd jobs, but I have seen people on how to drag coal wharves, very steep slope, palm live handlebars, car carrying the man rushed to the river will go - and I have seen on the building site people how housing repair tiling, fell from the scaffolding - that - are very dangerous heavy live, not heavy handed is not dangerous nor did odd jobs, formal workers did you do what you can so. dangerous live, I -? how assured it your mom certainly do not trust it. "? Her mother did not trust, always worried about her injuries do odd jobs on the outside, said the injured doing odd jobs, and even labor are not, then your life even finished. Some money is a small matter, a life something big. But she knows a few things not small money, you do not have some money, you can not buy rice come back, you're hungry. Besides her home is not just the lack of cheap nfl jerseys "some money" is missing a lot of money. Her mother often ask other teachers to borrow money, often out of wages on the whole still account, the wages of the next day to begin to borrow money. Her family is often the prisoner eggs tickets cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys from china free shipping to the people, because the money to buy. Her brother countryside that team, a bad harvest, the educated youth who have to ask their parents to get money to buy Valley beat meters, just food to eat, because the score is too low, a year is not enough to do the work points rations money. Over the years, thanks to her go out and do odd jobs every summer, it is attached to the house to help out. She always comforted her mother "I ​​did odd jobs for so long, so do not do odd jobs or good, and you see a few disabled people to the accident, sitting at home can also be an accident??." Now she can see the youngest so sentimental, put this theory out to deal with him.