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Such as Tian teacher gone, Anny hurry back to his room, as if never not withstand the same. She climbed into bed with the quilt over my head pretending to be asleep. Although covered with very thick quilt, she was still trembling, I do not know cold or fear, or something else. She hid in the yard, bitterly criticized the youngest liar! Con man! You have a fiancee at home, why should I did? Those you do, is it a fiancee of another girl who can do it? She was sad to realize that there is no curse what a liar, cheap nfl jerseys wholesale which is full of liars in the world, they die curses, curses hurt them. To blame only themselves to blame, blame their own eyes did not recognize a liar. What cheap nfl jerseys nike happened that day in the mountains and scenes appear in my mind. Time after time, like watching movies, can not stop, click on the flash passed a long list of lenses, the brain is completely confused, not knowing what to think, do not know what to say, what to do. In retrospect, it seems to be looking at a bunch of pictures, each one has fixed a moment, you may have saved a lot of shots, but the focus of the lens are in, can one a look, watch and reflect on the evaluation side . Those lenses youngest hugged her before, did not seem to take a photo, even if the shoot, she doubled over. Back and forth back memories now, is the youngest scare her, saying there looks like he's innocent people standing under a tree. Then I do not know cheap nfl jerseys usa how he hugged her, he kissed her, and almost put his tongue in her mouth went stretch. Now that he has a fiancee at home, I suddenly felt like Anny pulls out a lot of old photos, like that above clearly record everything, but then that is invisible. She told the youngest together, there is always a faint feeling, as if they had always pride judgment, do not exist as a self-sustaining force. He was like a burst of strong wind, blew her feet do not point to go with him, thinking becomes slow, dull of hearing, but is particularly well-developed nervous laugh, of course, are nervous giggle. Go back to the day, walking in the mountains when he talked about the story of Romeo Juliet also take an example, for the young defense that dumped a girlfriend before, in fact, that is to say himself. Come back that night, walking in the mountains, he also admitted his disguise who held someone else's hands. Think of this point, she would regret of late. How was no understand it? If you understand, that he came to hold him, she will be on his temper. If you made a temper that made its position clear, that she was hated him do that. Unfortunately, she was not only angry, but also admitting their guilt to admit that they like him holding hands. She really did not know why he would do such a silly thing, then see him no longer hold her hand, as if not many words, that he was angry, I do not know how about, I found myself terrified of it, do not be afraid of him Li her. Now she let him hold her, kissed her, and the results of his fiancee there, it's not he lied to you? Jingqiu small girl heard her mother say, "without fire", she even started punctuate this sentence how are confused, thought it was "a moment - foot into the eternal hate." But actually the basic meaning to hit right, and that is once the slip, you will regret forever, she does not know is what is called "slip." In her view, let a man know you love him, that stumble, because he can take on people boast, and ruined the girl's reputation. Jingqiu know that many such stories, but also witnessed recognize this unfortunate girl was, so she has been very careful not to "slip", the safest way is to not fall in love with someone, it will not. " stumble. " She thought of this, I feel shiver a little less powerful. Fortunately, she told him something nobody knows, she did not fall left him what the black handle on white paper. So far, the worst is that she admitted that she liked him hold her hand. But that day, calling him to dinner, she has refused the request of his hand, and it should restore the situation to the bar? She decided to no longer ignore him on when this thing had never happened. Since he has a fiancee, presumably nor will people say these things, I hope this will be able to write off these things from her life. She remembered not know where saw the sentence "unknown scandal will not make itself a scandal." She explained hope this sentence is a truth. His bag of sugar is now a question of how to deal with her mom really needs these sugar, she did not return the K City ability to buy sugar, so she decided to take it, but she must pay him money, paid as soon as possible. She can ask the education reform group of people borrow a little money, then go back and have them. She got up, are thought to teach master restructuring Deng go borrow money, got a sister, saying she wanted to say a few words. Sister, said "my mother would have called me to talk with you Zhigang thing, but I did cheap nfl jerseys paypal not mention to you, that nothing major is likely that you are city people, but also a high school student, Zhigang a redneck even did not finish junior high school, is certainly not good enough for you - " Jingqiu uncomfortable and said "I really do not despise him, but -"