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"I really do not know what you're afraid of." To Chen pulled her hair in the wind plush straighten. His heart will not know how silent Sheng how to cheap jerseys good quality think, but these things does not matter, down her anyway. "What a barrister, you now have the name of the sound of the big shelf Ha!" Chen arrived in law school to a new building on the subject of ridicule Su Min. Chen Su-known to the senior sister apprentice's temper, the more you argue her more vigorously, simply do not argue, Su Min also said a few inquiries by telling her he stopped. Hang clothes to look at him: "When did you have so much taste it?" Chen looked down at himself in, printed "XX University 'four eye-catching red cheap jerseys from usa characters on chest T-shirt, you can really stupid, smiled, took off in his hand. Hang cheap jerseys here coupon it to immediately understand: "how not see your home that?" "Who knows where to go." To Chen is also a headache. Yuehua Jian acquaintances have come over to say hello, talk to them taking advantage of the Lao Yuan Su Min aside: "? Why Chen did not have a girlfriend." Laoyuan rubbed his chin, it is a definite answer:. "No," my wife nor a girlfriend, this is his point very clearly. "How still the same? He really dead and so people ah?" Su Min Chen on to the past very well aware, suddenly somewhat disagree, "but not the thrust of the new department of a young female teacher, pretty, well educated family background, etc. while the evening meal called on her, I was introduced to them, you will not say a word until ah! " Lao Yuan Bu Zhisheng, of course, in a good mood. Chen had wanted to say hello to the left, the one who knows it can not get out, first and together they went to visit a few professors and alumni have a forum, and so out of the building, has been almost five quick points. Laoyuan greeted several acquaintances said:. "I booked the table in Riverside, dinner dinner." Riverside Hotel is the only five-star hotel near the school, this seems to be bleeding the Lao Yuan. In Sum borrowed his cell phone to call Mo Sheng. In fact, no pictures silent Sheng plans to hand out in front of the camera has always been holding. Chen went to the Faculty of Law, she also turn to their own lines on the road. Mo Sheng entrance scores just barely reached C big scores, so it is stuffed into the Department of Chemistry in C major no advantage, but why her chemistry is the worst of all disciplines a door door door freshman can fly at low altitude, probably Chen is a credit. Mo Sheng in the Chemistry Department spent more than a year, however, and often self-study in law school there, but so unfamiliar to the department. In the Department of Chemistry in a circle, and she did not encounter any acquaintances. Out of the Department of Chemistry, grab two views, then a little dull mood. Fingers touched the pocket phone, could not help think of to Chen, did not know he was doing in cheap jerseys from usa free shipping the Department of Law there ...... Recently she and Chen ...... seems to suddenly well up, especially after she came back from Hong Kong. Now get along like this, of course, silent Sheng happy, but sometimes will feel uneasy. She did not quite understand is how to Sum think, in fact, has always been this way, Chen's mind, she was always unpredictable. Will there one day, everything changed back out? Mo Sheng reluctant to think of it, kick the mud on the ground, talking to himself: "Now do not understand, I was simple-minded good point." Today's C major, unprecedented excitement everywhere full of people, young school students, white-haired former students, I wonder if this piece of land on many people's memories of youth. Perhaps because Mo Sheng C colonel wearing printed T-shirts in the name of reason, from time to time someone came up and asked what she was way how to go, what floor where? With the memory of eleven silent Sheng specified. Took a few steps and was stopped by a young man wearing a suit.